Friday, September 19, 2008

Rich Schefren has Mastered Online Workflow Solutions

Rich Schefren has done it again with The Uncertainty Syndrome: Entrepreneurial Emergency

Rich Schefren of Strategic ProfitsI Feel Like A Total Idiot

That was my first reaction when I read Constraint #7 inside Rich Schefren's "The Uncertainty Syndrome: Entrepreneurial Emergency".

You got your free copy too, right?

Get your free copy of The Uncertainty Syndrome here (if you dare!)

Because in just 60 something pages, Rich basically rips the cover off your business and takes a long hard look inside.

And some of it ain't pretty.

For example, Rich list 7 constraints that most entrepreneurs face. And I was feeling pretty good about numbers one through six.

But when I hit number seven...well, let's just say it hit me back.

Like a sledgehammer upside the head.

Go ahead and click here to get your free copy of The Uncertainty Syndrome here (it's only sixty pages!)

I had no idea I was leaving so much on the table because of this one constraint. In fact, I didn't even know I HAD this stinkin' thing rolling around in my business.

But there it was, plain as day. Staring up at me like a dead fish washed up on the shores of Suttons Bay. And smelling like it too.


But here's the cool part...

Rich offers a Silver Bullet solution for each constraint, giving you practical answers you can implement right away. And that's what I intend on doing with Silver Bullet #7, right after I type this blog post.

But I had to pass this along immediately, because I know you suffer from constraints as well. And you're looking for answers.

Well, here they are..for FREE.

Jay Abraham, America's #1 authority on business has written an great introduction to it as well!

Talk again soon,

Cheryl C. Cigan

P.S. One more thing that struck me when reading Rich's report...

He talks about something called Leisure Phobia, and how this deadly disease is plaguing the entrepreneurial community.

And as I was reading this, I found myself slinking further and further in my chair...

Yikes. Hope it's not affecting you too.

Go ahead and download the report, I know you want to!

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