Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dynamic Logic Shows Email Increases as Top Branding Tool

Internet Marketing - Dynamic Logic Shows Email Increases as Top Branding Tool

The Inbox as a Branding Tool
Research Reveals Email Increases Brand Favorability and Awareness

Marketers know that email can be a great direct response channel, encouraging consumers to take immediate action and help boost sales, but few thought of email as a powerful branding medium.

Until now.

A new study conducted by Dynamic Logic shows inbox advertising can provide significant branding benefits in addition to the acquisition strengths typically attributed to the media channel.

The study, conducted with Datran Media and eHarmony, reveals that inbox advertising made 37.7 percent of people aware of one of the tested campaigns. These people otherwise would not have been aware of it. In addition, unaided brand awareness increased 11.5 percentage points, and brand favorability increased 7.3 percentage points.

The results counter mainstream characterizations of inbox advertising as an acquisition-only vehicle. More than many other channels, inbox advertising gives companies the ability to deliver highly targeted messages to opt-in consumers. Because it significantly increases the chances of delivering the right message to the right consumer at the right time, inbox advertising can have the additional benefit of creating a more favorable impression of the company's brand.

"Until now, marketers hypothesized that the key role of inbox advertising was an acquisitive one, and there was no formal research to verify the branding benefits," said Jason Oates, vice president of media services for Datran Media. "This study makes it clear that inbox advertising provides significant brand impact across each of the key branding metrics, including brand favorability. This applies to both contextual ad inclusions and targeted stand-alone branded acquisition-focused email advertising."

eHarmony's CEO, Greg Waldorf, echoed Oates' remarks and added, "These results show that email campaigns are not only an effective customer acquisition vehicle, but also are supporting and enhancing consumer impressions of the eHarmony brand."

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Advertising and Marketing is Crucial to the Success of Online Workflow Solutions

Suttons Bay Book News:

MIND CAPTURE: How You Can Stand Out In The Age of Advertising Deficit Disorder

Mind Capture New Amazon Bestseller Business Book by Tony Rubleski
If Tony's book sounds interesting to you then we would like to recommend information about how we are all affected by the new Attention Age Deficit - take a look at the Attention Age Doctrine too!

Another way to own some of the mind of the consumer is through your blogging efforts. If you want to learn more about advertising and marketing your blog this is a good place to start to learn the process of maximizing your blog advertising and marketing words.

Gen X author Tony Rubleski skyrocketed to the top of the "Marketing Sales" charts last week with his new book Mind Capture: How You Can Stand Out In The Age of Advertising Deficit Disorder. This feat was accomplished within hours after the book launched on the popular retail site. MIND CAPTURE also topped the "Movers Shakers" list which identifies, by category, the biggest gainers in sales rank over a 24 hour period. The book was at the #2 slot for most of the day. When the book was first launched shortly after midnight on the 29th, it ranked #71,298 in terms of all titles online. By late afternoon, it had jumped as high as #140 – an increase of more than 46,000% according to reports.

"Our team sat perched at their computers watching the rankings get higher as the day progressed and I’m absolutely thrilled with our results for the opening day," Tony says. "Americans are starving for good, solid marketing advice and I think MIND CAPTURE delivers that to them. The fact that the books were flying off the shelves, so to speak, is a testament to that."

With MIND CAPTURE, Tony has written a fun, engaging and practical business book that shares real-world, specific strategies to help sales professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners wade through the confusing and changing advertising arena to stand out from the marketing clutter to produce ‘Mind Capture,’ sales and repeat business.

"With the economy continuing to be a daily talking point with the media and by the Presidential candidates and advertisers vying for our attention on social message boards, nearly everyone from our minister to our parents have become bottom-line salespeople, trying to capture our attention," says Tony – who is on a mission to perform a million marketing exorcisms before he hits 40. "And let’s face it, these days we have the attention span of a fly."

Rubleski says the amount of new media options being created creates even more and more confusion and argues that understanding ‘Mind Capture’ and taking a fresh look at your marketing and sales strategy will determine your success or demise in today’s sped up, web based world. Using "to- the-point" techniques and case studies, including the one about a former rock star who used ‘Mind Capture’ to raise money to fund a music CD release, Rubleski reveals:
Who are the best salespeople in the world (hint: many people have them);
How both Presidential parties are using Mind Capture to sway opinions and votes;
Why you must be Google-licous in the digital age;
The #1 mistake 99% of businesses and organizations make in their marketing;
How businesses and the non-profit community can join forces to accomplish their goals;

With resistance to advertising at an all-time high, Rubleski presents the societal forces all businesses and non-profits are up against when trying to communicate and what they must do if they are going to have any chance of being noticed, taken seriously, and believed.

Tony Rubleski is currently the president of Mind Capture Group which focuses on direct marketing consulting, copywriting, advanced public relations and sales and marketing training for business groups and sales teams. He has advised many of the top sales and marketing minds in the world and his work has been featured in such outlets as Bottom Line Magazine, FOX TV news, the Detroit Free Press and Entrepreneur Radio.

On July 21st, Tony began an ambitious 50+ city, national tour.
For media inquiries, interview requests or schedule availability, contact publicist Dianna Stampfler with Promote Michigan, at 269-330-4228 or via email:

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MIND CAPTURE: How You Can Stand Out In The Age of Advertising Deficit Disorder
By Tony Rubleski
Paperback; $19.95; ISBN: 978-1-60037-457-9

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If Tony's book sounds interesting to you then we would like to recommend information about how we are all affected by the new Attention Age Deficit - take a look at the Attention Age Doctrine too!