Sunday, August 23, 2009

Online Workflow Solutions using Mind Maps and Process Maps

To master and implement effective online workflow solutions you have to begin in your mind. You need a plan and you need a roadmap of how to begin your thinking and your project. iMindMap is a creative and very easy to use tool that is available in three Editions. It is the only software that accurately delivers the visual flexibility and brain friendliness of the highly proven and renowned Buzan Mind Mapping techniques. iMindMap allows you to organize, create, innovate, plan, present, notate, learn, structure, communicate, problem solve and project manage everything, all in one place.

Online Workflow Solutions iMindMap

iMindMap provides a powerful graphic technique which provides a way to harness your full range of cortical skills – word, image, number, logic, rhythm, colour and spatial awareness.

This gives you the freedom to 'think' in a more effective and brain friendly way, giving you an advantage over individuals stuck in old fashioned linear thinking patterns. Now you can see the whole picture and save time by becoming more efficient.

MindMap® Elements

The Elements Edition offers a truly organic Mind Mapping experience using the tools and techniques developed by Tony Buzan whose process has been successfully used by millions of people world-wide, and is ideal for all your basic Mind Mapping needs. If you need more features when drawing, controlling or exporting maps, please see the Professional and Ultimate Editions.

iMindMap® Professional
Get professional with the iMindMap® Professional Edition which offers additional functionality including high level integration with Microsoft Office and allowing you to export your Mind Maps to a range of different formats including Word and PowerPoint. Enhanced map control allows you to expand and collapse branches, focus in and out, link maps together, auto-sort, and includes additional styles and layouts. If you need built in presentation and project planning tools, or want to speed up your Mind Mapping by using 'audio notes,' please see the iMindMap Ultimate Edition...

iMindMap® Ultimate
This is the ULTIMATE Mind Mapping tool offering you a complete package of features, including a fully featured project management tool - Gantt charts, task tables and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Excel. Includes the world's most powerful Mind Map based presentation tool that allows you to design, create and deliver amazing animated presentations that can contain links to all types of files, media or websites, all from within iMindMap. Add a new dimension to Mind Mapping with the ability to capture audio notes onto branches which makes capturing thoughts even quicker. Includes the e-Learning builder allowing you to build Flash based learning materials via a simple API (Windows only). If you are interested in receiving additional resources to help get you started quickly and to enhance your productivity, please evaluate and consider the iMindMap Ultimate PLUS bundle for all your Online Workflow Solutions.